Arizona Science Center Exhibit Brings Dinosaurs to Life

One of the dinosaur sculptures at "Dinosaurs in Motion." | Courtesy of Arizona Science Center

Dinosaurs are a thing of the past, but at the Arizona Science Center in Phoenix, visitors can interact with the extinct reptiles in an exhibit that runs through January 10.

The centerpiece of Dinosaurs in Motion, hosted in the center's Sybil B. Harrington Galleries, is a 44-foot Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton created by North Carolina artist John Payne and based on actual fossils. Patrons can make the T. rex move its jaws by pulling a lever.

All of Payne's dinosaur sculptures at the exhibit are interactive. Kids (and adults) can control the beasts using pulley systems, levers and video-game controllers. Visitors can also sketch, draw and sculpt their own dinosaurs, the center said, adding that the exhibit is "the most interactive dinosaur exhibition to ever tour."

Tickets to Dinosaurs in Motion are $7 for members and $9 for non-members; kids and seniors are a little less. Those prices are in addition to general admission at the center, which is free for members.

To learn more, visit the center's website or call 602-716-2000.

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