Specialty License Plates Popular in Arizona

Arizona Highways' specialty license plate continues to be one of the favorites among Arizona drivers.

The Arizona Department of Transportation offers a variety of specialty license plates for drivers to purchase. The plates generally cost $25, with $17 going toward the cause they are affiliated with.

According to data obtained by The Arizona Republic, the most popular plates in Arizona (as of June 30, 2018) include veterans, the Arizona Cardinals, military support, first responders and Arizona Highways. Based off that data, there were more than 28,000 Arizona Highways plates on the roads.

The specialty plates are not chosen by ADOT. Lawmakers have to pass bills in order to get them created, then the governor approves the bills. Most plates don't have any requirements, but some, like the veterans plate, require that you prove you or an immediate family member is a veteran. 

Specialty plates are also a great way to show support for teams, colleges and causes that are important to the driver.

You can learn more about, and purchase, your specialty Arizona Highways license plate by clicking here

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