You Tell Us: Why Is Arizona So (Fill In the Blank)?

Loyal readers of Arizona Highways know there are many stereotypes about Arizona that just aren't true. Apparently, many of Google's users adhere to those same stereotypes.

As Phoenix radio station KTAR reported last week, something interesting happens if you visit and type "why is Arizona so" in the search box. The top four "auto-complete" results that pop up are queries about why the Grand Canyon State is so hot, dry, racist and boring.

Hot? Parts of the state, sure, at certain times of the year.

Dry? See above. And the entire Southwest is in the midst of a long drought, so it's not just Arizona.

Racist? A few bad apples have given us that unfortunate reputation.

But boring?

If a state with the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Saguaro National Park, the White Mountains, Gila monsters and Bisbee is boring, we'd like to know what these Google users consider an exciting state.

More than that, though, we'd like to hear from you. What word or phrase would you use to complete the question "Why is Arizona so ... ?" Let us know in the comments!

(Photo: The quirky old mining town of Bisbee, one of boring old Arizona's highlights. | John Forrey)




So far away from Missouri???


Why is Arizona so captivating? Stunning sunsets, cobalt blue skies, ink black starry nights, gorgeous geographic diversity, balmy weather, unlimited recreational opportunities, preserved western history, friendly and proud residents...

Unique! Where else can you drive from barren desert to winter wonderland in one state? Or see all these amazing rock formations, mountains, cliffs, canyons, hoodoos, and dormant volcanoes? Or photograph ancient artwork on your hikes? I lived in Phoenix for two years before I discovered all the amazing things to see statewide- Google doesn't understand.

This is great. Also please see my blog by that name!

Interesting to visit?

Incredible!!!!! Every nook and cranny, in every part of the State, you find something new and exciting to be amazed at. I love Arizona with all my heart!


Diverse. We have deserts to mountains and forests here with beauty everywhere. Tiny ghost towns and big cities. Wonderful universities and multiple community colleges.And the people so different all over the state. I love Arizona and always will.


Breathtakingly beautiful!


As an "outsider" from the state of Mississippi, I love Arizona. Our family had one of our best vacations in the Grand Canyon State a few years ago and are planning to return because we didn't have to time to see everything there. In the near future, my wife and I hope to become volunteers at one of your great state parks. We DID find it HOT and DRY, but how can anyone call Arizona "BORING?" As far as "RACIST," we never saw it. And don't say it's because we're from Mississippi. We are professional people who are NOT racist. Looking forward to coming back....

I lived in Arizona for 10 years. I thought I would be coming back after my husband finished graduate school in Texas. Well 30 years later I am still in Texas but my heart is in Arizona. When I was there it was never boring or racist. If it was I did not see it. There are people who will be racist no matter where you live. I think Arizona is AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!

INCREDIBLY AWESOME! I have loved all six visit to the Copper State, and hope to one day call it home!


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