Information about supplying artwork for imprinted calendars.

Order Imprinted Arizona Highways Calendars

Imprinted Calendar Backsheet sizes:
11 7/8" (w) x 11" (h)
(1/4" height used for binding)
Logo fits in:
11 7/8" (w) x 2" (h)
If bleed is needed:
12 1/8" (w) x 2 1/8" (h)
(1/8" bleed required on right, left, and bottom)

Artwork files larger than 5 MB should be sent to Arizona Highways on CD or DVD. Please send a laser proof with disk.

Ideal software — MAC versions only:
Please design with Pantone spot colors unless you want to print artwork using 4-color process.

Adobe InDesign:
• Use "Preflight" and "Package" feature to collect all linked graphics with the document.
• Include ALL screen and printer fonts (check Font Usage for listing of fonts used in document).
• Ensure that Pantone colors in linked graphics have names defined EXACTLY as they are in the InDesign document.

Adobe Illustrator:
• Not advisable for page layout if InDesign is available.
• Convert ALL fonts to outlines (unless type changes are likely) and include all the screen and printer fonts with the document.
• Include ALL linked graphics.
• Save as a native Illustrator (.ai) file. We prefer to print Illustrator files from InDesign when possible. If your file cannot be placed in InDesign for output, please let us know.

Adobe PhotoShop:
• Save as a native PhotoShop (.psd) file.
• Save files in RGB mode, preferred. We can also accept CMYK files.
• If using duotones, be sure that the spot colors used have their names defined EXACTLY the same as they are in the program into which the duotone file is being imported or placed. Otherwise your final document may not separate properly.
• Logos/images must be provided in high resolution for output. The rule is: logo/images must be 250 dpi at actual print size.
• CMYK EPS files must be saved with “Binary” Encoding — NOT JPEG, or they will not separate properly.

We will also accept PDF files. Always remember to include all screen and printer fonts. PDF files cannot be changed.

We will NOT accept any Word documents.

Artwork and fonts or logo and ideas can be e-mailed to: [email protected]. Arizona Highways will then create artwork.

If you have any questions, you may contact the Sales Department: [email protected]

Call 602-712-2023 or 1-800-543-5432 and ask for Sales Department.