Central Dining

BiGA by Senses

In Prescott, biga is more than just an Italian baking method. It’s an experience.
Central Dining

Up the Creek

Before you even crack the menu at Up the Creek, you’re confronted with a tough choice. A seat by the window offers sweeping views of Oak Creek. A…
Western Dining

Juicy’s, the Place With the Great Food

Michael Bradley understands that few restaurateurs would be courageous enough to put the words “The Place With the Great Food” in the name of their…
Central Dining

LazyG Brewhouse

For years, Jim and Jean-Marie Bellington owned and operated the LazyG, a circa-1945 trailer park along Prescott’s Granite Creek. But amid day-to-day…
Southern Dining

Dot’s Diner

Arthur Valentine was a car salesman turned restaurant proprietor. What he didn’t know when he shifted gears was that his line of prefabricated…
Southern Dining


In 2014, Carolyn O’Connor, the owner and chef at Ceres, came to Tucson for love. She found it, but not in the way she expected — at least at first. “…
Central Dining

Chula Seafood

Swordfish might be among the coolest creatures in the sea. The largest one ever caught weighed a whopping 1,182 pounds, and they have those…
Southern Dining

Mama Louisa’s

When the local Italian restaurant has been doing things the same way for more than half a century, change can be a challenge. Michael Elefante, the…