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As Arizona's long-term drought continues, wildlife across the state will rely on more than 1 million gallons of water delivered to 3,000 wildlife waters by the Arizona Game and Fish Department this summer. This vital water provides lifesaving hydration for the more than 800 species of wildlife that Game and Fish conserves and protects. These wildlife waters, including man-made catchments, serve all species large and small and are located throughout the state. In fact, some sites are so remote they can only be reached by helicopter.

It costs more than $1 million annually for Game and Fish and its partners to deliver water to these sites every year. Since Game and Fish does not receive any general fund tax dollars, it relies on donors to help fund costs such as vehicle maintenance, new trailers, and catchment repairs and upkeep.

No matter the challenges, it’s worth it to give our wildlife a fighting chance at survival. Donate today at sendwater.org or text SENDWATER to 41444.