2023 Adventures in Nature
Student Photo Contest

Seeking photos that showcase Arizona’s natural beauty,
wildlife and people in nature.

This photo contest is open to Arizona students ages 13-18.

Open to Arizona students ages 13-18

$10,000 in cash prizes await the top 10 winners.
Deadline to submit your high-resolution nature photos is midnight April 12, 2023.
Winners will be announced May 11, 2023.

View OFFICIAL RULES. For more information, contact Danielle Kagan at [email protected]
Sponsored by The Nature Conservancy, Arizona Highways and Cox Communications.

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Photo by Arianna DuPont

Paw prints in the sand mark a raccoon's path toward the creek.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Photo by Lilian Snider

Beautiful shot of setting sun & silluetted saguaro in desert brush.

Location: Tucson, AZ

Photo by Katherine Standridge

This picture has to be one of my favorites because it is so cool to look at the lighting and find all the different shapes as well as lightning is hard to capture, so I am very proud of it. The dark sky really helps illuminate the lightning and the lighter green ground helps make the sky look darker.

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Photo by Brayden Gugelman

In the lush and abundant vegetation of Cienaga Creek, lays a highly aquatic frog that is chillin in his water pool. This Tarahumara Frog is stunning to everyone.

Location: Cienega Creek Natural Preserve - Arizona Heritage Waters

Photo by Lilian Snider

Volunteer spring crop with a background of crepuscular sun rays and striated clouds.

Location: Tucson

Photo by Katherine Standridge

I took this image because I have always loved sunsets, this is one of my favorite sunsets that I have captured. In this image I used the road as an eye guide to lead ones eyes up to the sky.

Location: Tucson

Photo by Roah Choi

A face of a lion is able to be seen in the wall in this breathtaking image of Antelope Canyon

Location: Antelope Canyon

Photo by Grant Gugelman

Hidden in the Catalina Foothills basks the rare Canyon Treefrog. This majestic creature was spotted near the glimmering stream carved through the Ventana Canyon. This tiny frog is one of Arizona's great wonders.

Location: Ventana Canyon Trail, AZ

Photo by Saanvi Guntuka

Each individual branch twists into each other, making it one.

Location: Prescott national forest

Photo by Gavin Pederson-Goodrich

It’s a photo I took from the window of our bus as my high school swim team was coming back after a very successful meet. Even though the quality is not amazing, I believe the composition, contrast, and even the slight blur adds to a very aesthetic look that pleases the eye.

Location: Oracle road, down by Canyon Del Oro high school

Photo by Roah Choi

Slightly cloudy day at Dead Horse Ranch with beautiful scenery. With the reflection off the water only contributing to the breathtaking scene.

Location: Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Cottonwood, Arizona

Photo by Grant Gugelman

The magnificent Sonoran sunset over the still waters of Vail

Location: Vail, AZ