Photograph by Gurinder Singh
A Mexican goldpoppy (Eschscholzia californica ssp. mexicana) waits to unfurl its colorful petals. In the background are the blooms of a lupine (genus Lupinus), a type of wildflower that often accompanies goldpoppies. | Gurinder Singh


Photograph by Derek von Briesen
Brittlebushes (Encelia farinosa) bloom in abundance amid ocotillos on a rocky slope at Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument. At this site on the U.S.-Mexico border, brittlebushes typically bloom in late winter. | Derek von Briesen


Photograph by Paul Gill
Lupines and a few Mexican goldpoppies surround saguaros and other desert plants at Gonzales Pass, a popular wildflower-watching destination east of Phoenix. The pass is along U.S. Route 60 a few miles west of Superior. | Paul Gill


Photograph by Rebecca Wilks
The delicate blooms of a scorpionweed (genus Phacelia) contrast with cactus spines at Estrella Mountain Regional Park, which protects 20,000 acres of its namesake range southwest of the Phoenix area. | Rebecca Wilks


Photograph by Dianne Dietrich Leis
A close-up photo reveals the intricate details of a desert globemallow (Sphaeralcea ambigua). Most members of this species have orange petals, but pink versions can be spotted along Central Arizona’s Pinal Pioneer Parkway (State Route 79). | Dianne Dietrich Leis


Photograph by Larry Lindahl
The purple hues of four-o’clocks (genus Mirabilis) combine with the green pads of a prickly pear cactus and the red rocks of the Sedona area to form a vibrant springtime scene. | Larry Lindahl


Photograph by Saija Lehtonen
 Mexican goldpoppies and lupines add color to a lush Sonoran Desert scene along the Florence-Kelvin Highway. This partly paved route, suitable for most cars in good weather, runs for 32 miles from SR 79 south of Florence to State Route 77 southeast of Superior. | Saija Lehtonen


Photograph by Colleen Miniuk
Sunlight shines through the petals of a blooming globemallow. Many globemallow species have traditional medicinal uses among Southwestern tribes, and they also are popular garden plants. | Colleen Miniuk


Photograph by Guy Schmickle
A “superbloom” of brittlebushes blankets a saguaro-studded hillside near Lake Pleasant, north of Phoenix. This photo was made in the spring of 2019, when impressive wildflower displays were seen in much of the Southwest. | Guy Schmickle