Ameema Ahmed

The Boyer Bakery was created in the same place many childhood memories are made: around the family’s kitchen counter. “Our mom, Mama [Liz] Boyer, would bake for family and friends, neighbors and co-workers,” says Abby Boyer (pictured), the eldest Boyer child. “Being able to grow up with a mom in a household that did so much baking from scratch was really neat for us, as children, to grow and see.” 

Learning to serve the community in what they call a “tangible way,” the Boyers decided to make baking a full-time family business in 2016. “Growing up, we looked for ways to serve the community and work in a business together as a family,” Abby says. “We didn’t take any huge, big leaps; we always did what we thought was the next right thing.” 

As the business grew, the Boyers moved their baking from the home kitchen to a private kitchen, then transitioned to a small trailer and eventually a storefront in Surprise. That’s where they now serve fresh-baked pastries and desserts, as well as signature coffee drinks such as the Carmallow Latte. “We love using fresh, local and seasonal ingredients whenever possible,” Liz says. “Many of our bakery recipes are inspired by personal family favorites we’ve been making for years.”

And “family” is the operative word. The business is a family affair, with all seven children and both parents working to churn out the baked goods. “We kind of like to say it’s a ‘mom and pop and their children’ shop,” Abby says. “Everyone takes part in making what happens here a success.”

 A typical day at the bakery starts early, when the rolling, proofing and baking of the pastries begins. “Our doors open at 6 a.m. on weekdays, in time for people to grab a ham and cheese croissant and a Carmallow Latte on their way into work,” Liz says. Customers of all ages frequent the bakery throughout the day and browse the pastry case for unique treats, which are part of a rotating menu that changes based on seasonal ingredients and flavors. Baked goods can even change from day to day, but staples such as cinnamon rolls, scones and “Pop Tarts” are always on the menu.

In addition to the store, The Boyer Bakery has a treat trailer named Miss Mae, which serves its signature items at community events. At press time, Miss Mae was “receiving some love and care” and the Boyers planned to have it back out in the community soon. 

As their business continues to grow, the family is working to expand their space to serve more customers. “We love being part of the West Valley, not only because it’s our home but because we get the opportunity to fill a local need and industry gap within the community,” Liz says. And even though the bakery is in Surprise, customers drive for miles from all parts of the Valley to visit, which is why the Boyers suggest stopping by before the afternoon so treat seekers can check out the full pastry case before items sell out.

“It’s our family’s hope that you enjoy a taste of hospitality with every visit and with every bite,” Liz says. “Whether it’s a day to treat yourself or to meet up with a friend and sit a spell, we look forward to making your day just a little bit sweeter.”

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