Ameema Ahmed

Michael Bradley understands that few restaurateurs would be courageous enough to put the words “The Place With the Great Food” in the name of their restaurant. But he tacked on the second part because he didn’t want his Lake Havasu City business being confused with a Juicy’s in Nevada. Especially considering that the first part is special to him: Juicy was the name of a childhood dog that ran off in a storm and never came back. It all adds up to a fitting name for a restaurant, he says: “It’s the perfect name to identify any food that’s really good.” 

Unlike some of the city’s popular tourist spots, Juicy’s isn’t right on the water. Despite its more inland location, the restaurant is popular with locals and visitors alike. Bradley credits that to serving great food with a side of great customer service. “Our philosophy is that there’s never anything in our restaurant that’s just OK,” he says. “Is it fantastic? Is it really making you happy? Is it meeting your expectations?” That’s what he’s after.

Classic menu items such as burgers, pot roast stroganoff and the prime rib dip sandwich are all made from scratch and are a hit with customers. The menu never gets old because Bradley tries to rotate in 20 new items every year. Last year’s breakfast addition of tamale and eggs, served with pork chile colorado filling, was developed on a whim but has become a favorite. The Bacon Made Me Do It Burger has bacon bits inside the patty, which is topped with even more bacon, and while it’s “a lot of work to eat,” Bradley says it’s worth it if you’re a bacon lover.

For those with a sweet tooth, the stuffed strawberry French toast and bread pudding à la mode will do the trick. And if, for some reason, you’re still not satisfied, you can tell Bradley about it yourself. 

“If I’m in the building, there’s not a person in there that I don’t go talk to and ask how they like the food,” he says. “If there’s a problem, we’ll try to fix it before the customer leaves or contact them after to make it right.”

That kind of atmosphere is what Bradley says sets Juicy’s apart from other restaurants. “We make sure we’re doing the important things,” he says, “which is satisfying the people who come through the door, whether that’s one visit or whether they’re a regular customer.”

Business Information

Juicy’s, the Place With the Great Food
42 S. Smoketree Avenue
Lake Havasu City, AZ
United States