Northern Lodging

Under Canvas

Imagine camping under the stars near the Grand Canyon on a beautiful summer evening. Now, imagine doing it without having to set up anything yourself…
Eastern Lodging

Chrysocolla Inn B&B

There’s more than a century of history at the Chrysocolla Inn B&B, but the building that now houses the bed and breakfast nearly became history…
Central Lodging

Watson Lake Inn

Video file It’s a good sign if you’re running a bed and breakfast and your guests keep coming…
Southern Lodging

The Tombstone Bordello

Many people arrive for a stay at the Tombstone Bordello. And almost all of them end up spend­ing the night.
Southern Lodging

Rancho Santa Cruz

The Santa Cruz River, flowing northward from Mexico into Arizona, is a verdant artery through the desert — one that led early Spanish explorers into…
Southern Lodging

Ball-Paylore House

From the street, the Ball-Paylore House​ doesn’t stand out. It’s smaller than most of the houses in Tucson’s Catalina Vista neighborhood, and mature…
Southern Lodging

NextDoor at Dos Cabezas

Given its prominence in cowboy folklore, you might not think of Southern Arizona as a place to vacation at a vineyard. But that’s what’s in store in…
Northern Lodging

Elden Trails Bed and Breakfast

Elden Trails Bed and Breakfast is named for the Flagstaff area’s Elden Mountain — and for the numerous Coconino National Forest hiking routes that…