Ameema Ahmed

If you’re not paying attention when you enter Bisbee, you might drive right past the Gardens at Mile High Ranch. Shrouded by trees and shrubbery, the bed and breakfast is tucked away off the road, with only a sign to indicate the accommodations. And once you turn onto the path that leads to the Gardens, you might wonder if you’re supposed to be there — a large cottonwood looks like it’s blocking the path. But that’s the grand entrance for this unique Southern Arizona destination.

Co-owner Maggie Kohanek opened the B&B in 2001 with her siblings. The family wanted to take care of their mother as she battled Alzheimer’s disease, and they bought the Gardens as a way to have an income while looking after her needs. “We had never done anything like that,” says Kohanek, who lives on the property and attends to guests as they come and go. “We didn’t know how to run a bed and breakfast or what to do.” 

But the family figured it out, and for those looking for a place that’s off the beaten path and offers privacy, the Gardens have become a perfect fit. There are seven separate cabins, each designed around one of the seven Hindu chakras. The color schemes and decorations inside the cabins have all been chosen carefully, and each cabin has information about the chakras to educate guests.

With each cabin having its own amenities, it’s possible to enjoy a getaway that doesn’t require going anywhere. But if you’re looking to explore Bisbee and check out what the town has to offer, the Gardens are only a few minutes from the heart of downtown. 

The namesake of the B&B is a garden area that offers a peaceful environment for those wanting to spend some time in nature. Guests can also sign up to get a massage or spend some time in the sauna. Peace and healing are resounding themes at the Gardens: “We’re healers here,” Kohanek says. “It’s a spiritual experience, not religious.” 

Operating a business in a small community has its perks, too. Kohanek says the owners host a lot of community events on the property. “I have the best neighbors that I’ve had anywhere,” she says. “People get to know each other very easily.”

Business Information

901 Tombstone Canyon Road
Bisbee, AZ
United States