Southern Lodging

Tombstone Miners Cabins

Tombstone Miners Cabins, built in 2020, was the dream of two cowboys from Texas who loved Tombstone so much that they wanted to build a hotel there.…
Southern Dining


When chef Wendy Garcia was a girl growing up in a small Mexican town, she followed her father around the family kitchen. 
Southern Lodging

Casa Paloma Bed & Breakfast

Katie Sayre and her husband, Ray, take pride in the fact that their Casa Paloma Bed & Breakfast, just across the Santa Cruz River in Tumacacori,…
Central Dining


Like so many immigrants to the United States, Federico Venturini and his wife, Viola Tagliaferri, packed visions of the American dream when they…
Central Lodging

Sky Ranch Lodge

If trees are poems the Earth writes upon the sky, as the Lebanese poet Khalil Gibran wrote, then Sky Ranch Lodge is the planet’s ode to Sedona.…