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Discover a unique festival experience at the 39th Annual Apache Jii Festival in Globe, Arizona! In Globe's Historic Downtown District, this festival allows attendees to enjoy and support Indigenous art, food, entertainment and more!

"Jii" (pronounced "gee") translates to "day" in Apache. The Apache Jii Festival started as a day to celebrate and honor the San Carlos Apache Tribe near Globe, Arizona. The event has since expanded to include additional tribes as well.

To support Indigenous vendors and to keep the experience authentic, all vendors, performers and speakers belong to a tribe. This means attendees will experience authentic delicacies such as fry bread and acorn soup, as well as handmade items such as turquoise jewelry, gorgeous woven baskets, beadwork, pottery and more.

There will be scheduled performances throughout the day that will be sure to move viewers. Become immersed as artists perform traditional crown dances, flute solos, live mural paintings and more!

For more information, or if interested in participating, please visit globemiamichamber.com/apachejii.