Ameema Ahmed

Tombstone Miners Cabins, built in 2020, was the dream of two cowboys from Texas who loved Tombstone so much that they wanted to build a hotel there. According to current owner Steve Moore, those original owners wanted to focus on the town’s mining history because they believed it had been overshadowed by the stories of Wyatt Earp, the O.K. Corral and Tombstone’s legendary gunfights.

Moore and his wife purchased the property in 2021 for a similar reason: They love the area and enjoy taking their own family to Tombstone. “We just love that it is very family friendly and attracts all sorts of people,” Moore says. “We have people from 9 days old to 90 years old come to visit.”

The property has six cabins, each with a private balcony that offers stunning sunset views. The rooms all have an upscale rustic atmosphere that has resonated with guests who come to visit the area. “We’re centrally located but just a little bit away, so you’re not hearing live music from the bars,” Moore says. “I think the best part is the modernization [combined] with the historic vibe that we’re going for.”

While the modern amenities include Wi-Fi, heating and cooling, and satellite TV, fixtures such as an old whiskey barrel for a sink and a pull-chain toilet are reminders of the town’s history. “One of the coolest features is the wallpaper in the bathrooms,” Moore says. “It’s the original Tombstone newspaper that the first owners had converted into wallpaper.”

Currently, three of the cabins offer a queen bed and the other three have two double beds, allowing the property to accommodate groups of up to four. Two of the cabins are pet friendly, and one is wheelchair accessible. And each room is newly soundproofed to provide a peaceful and private visit. 

“We want to attract people from everywhere,” Moore says. “We have heard over and over that it’s the finest lodging in Tombstone.” 

Moore encourages people to visit Tombstone for its famous gunfights and saloons, but he also wants to emphasize the historical significance of the cabins’ namesake. “Don’t forget about the mining aspect of the town,” he says. “Go on the mining tours. It’s great for families and kids, too. I can attest to this — the kids love the mine tours just as much as the gunfights.” 

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Tombstone Miners Cabins
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