Kyla Pearce

Depending on where you sit at Prescott’s La Planchada Taqueria, you’ll get a different perspective of Prescott’s dining culture. Face the garage-style windows at lunchtime for a gust of fresh air and a view of historic Gurley Street, or face the bar to see an impressive selection of tequilas and other agave-based spirits. “During the day, it’s a laid-back atmosphere that’s great for hanging out with friends and family,” says Skyler Reeves, the owner.

With the windows open, Prescott’s pleasant weather and lively mood can be felt around the restaurant. That welcoming atmosphere is emphasized by the decor, which Reeves says is “Mexican-inspired,” but with a twist. La Planchada’s custom zinc bar is accented by tilework and creatively lit with star-shaped fixtures. The walls are adorned with street-art-style murals, including one of La Planchada, the ghostly nurse from Mexican folklore who inspired the restaurant’s name.

Rock and indie music begins as the sun sets and the taqueria turns into a lively but moodier bar. The patio’s direct access to Whiskey Row makes this the ideal place for a night out in Prescott.

Just like the atmosphere, the menu caters to everyone, Reeves says. La Planchada delivers on the “taqueria” part of its name with a wide selection of tacos and appetizers. Reeves adds that the menu’s options offer the best of both worlds. “There’s a delicious juxtaposition between the classics — such as carne asada tacos, which we cook with hints of tequila — and our own originals, like the fried chicken tacos,” he says.

Looking at the crowd, it’s hard to tell that La Planchada is the new kid on the block. The taqueria’s success is especially impressive considering that its grand opening happened during a global pandemic. There have been challenges, Reeves says, but the business is already doing far better than expected: “The restaurant is quickly becoming a favorite for both locals and tourists. We frequently have people lining up, waiting to get in.”


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217 Gurley Street
Prescott, AZ
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