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Don’t look down,” I mutter to myself as I look down. My stomach plummets at the dizzying view, and a chill shoots to my feet. I’m standing on a sloped, gravelly trail, inches from a 400-plus-foot plunge. Below, more sheer strata and screes descend like a wedding cake. My 40-pound backpack scrapes the rust-hued cliff, on my left, that rises 2,000 feet toward a dark-turquoise sky. In the distance, the “V”-shaped canyon below me opens to an immense, butte-studded landscape hiding the Colorado River in its depths. An obsidian raven floats past on a gentle updraft, its wings reflecting iridescent blue in the November Arizona sun.

I’m hiking Grand Canyon National Park’s Nankoweap Trail, an unmaintained 11-mile route that winds like a rattlesnake from the North Rim to the Colorado River. It drops nearly a vertical mile from the trailhead (7,640 feet) to the Colorado (2,760 feet). Just to reach that trailhead, at the national park boundary, requires an additional hike of 3 or 3.5 miles, depending on your route, through the rugged Saddle Mountain Wilderness. I’ve reached the...

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Photograph by Richard L. Danley

History, Nature & Culture


These days, a cross-country flight doesn’t usually make news, but in the early 1920s, America was still getting acquainted with air travel, and the idea of mailing a letter...

An illustration from the front page of The Arizona Republican details John Goldstrom’s cross-country odyssey. Photograph: Arizona Republic via


Striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) are members of the mephitid family, a group that also includes the stink badgers of Southeast Asia. In Arizona, these skunks can be found...

Striped skunk emerging from tall grasses at night. Photograph by Bruce D. Taubert.


Cowboys learn early that they are showoffs, but they also learn that to show off without style, or to make a brag, is no good. Besides that, no matter how much of a flash...

Illustration by Chris Gall of cowboys leaning over corral fence with pot of beans in the foreground..


Escape to the heart of Arizona in charming Payson! Discover a vibrant community bursting with events for all ages...

Unwind down the Verde River for a kayaking adventure. Two easy access points to the Verde River make activities on...

Nestled in the heart of Northern Arizona, the town of Williams is a true hidden gem. Situated close to the Grand Canyon...

Millions of people visit Arizona every year, and for good reason. From the iconic Grand Canyon to world-class resorts,...