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From the halls of Riordan Mansion and Tombstone Courthouse to the world-famous landscapes of Sedona and the Superstition Mountains, Arizona’s 33 state parks and natural areas offer nature lovers, photographers, hikers, history buffs and everyone in between an endless opportunity to do what they do. These are your parks. Get out and enjoy them.


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Photographer: Jackie Cavanagh

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Local Favorite: Pinetop Olive Oil
Local Favorite: Boyer Bakery
Arizona's State Parks
Local Favorite: Straw and Wool
Indian Gardens Cafe and Market
Local Favorite: Canyon Coolers

In Depth

Checking in at Canyon de Chelly during a road trip through the Navajo Nation, I came to the line on the registration form asking for vehicle make and model. 

“Orange Chevy Blazer,” I wrote, which, though accurate, only began to hint at the deeper truths of my friend Tom Gamache’s truck.

“I think you’ll know this truck when you see it,” I said to the hotel clerk from Kayenta before offering her a few details about the Blazer, most notably its model year (1972) and mileage (more than 1.5 million).

“Oh, I love old trucks!” she said. “Can you take a picture of me next to it?”

Out in the parking lot, Tom and the Blazer were waiting: a boy and his truck. The grill and its reflective blue Chevrolet emblem, recently scrubbed of 900 miles of smashed bugs at a Chinle gas station, glistened, even on an overcast day, as the clerk posed along the driver’s side. 

In cities, the Blazer is more a curiosity than an object of desire. But on this trip and many others in the 20-plus years that Tom and I have traveled together, we’d noticed that the...

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Photograph by Tom Gamache

History, Nature & Culture


Between 1931 and 1936, Harry Jarrett turned up in Atlanta, in El Paso, in New Mexico and under a house. That was noteworthy because he was supposed to be doing time in a...



The canyon tree frog (Dryophytes arenicolor) can get itself into some sticky situations, thanks to adhesive toe pads on all four feet. These tiny amphibians grow to 2.5...

Photograph by Bruce D. Taubert


The paint is stubborn. She wants to be approached no more than she wants to be ridden. Ears back. Head tossing. Blue eye burning. The other — brown as the mud after a...

Photograph by Scott Baxter


Come discover the Navajo Nation, the largest Indigenous tribe in the United States, which spans 27,000 square miles of...

The Arizona Game and Fish Department works hard to conserve and protect more than 800 wildlife species in Arizona. The...

Experience many of Arizona’s unique attractions with a road trip in Pinal County, the heart of Southern Arizona,...

Digital license plates are now available for registered vehicles in Arizona! Arizona citizens are known to be...