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I have klatarismenophobia.  I hadn’t heard of it, either. But it turns out there’s a name for the irrational fear of getting a flat tire. For me, the roots aren’t hard to trace: In the summer of 2019, while researching a book about ghost towns, I punctured a tire on a remote stretch of dirt road in 113-degree heat. I changed the tire and...


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Photographer: A O Tucker

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The rapid we started with this morning gave us to understand the character of the day’s run. It was a wild one. The boats labored hard but came out all right. The waves were frightful and, had any of the boats shipped a sea, it would have been her last for there was no still water below. We ran a wild race for about two miles, first pulling right, then left, now to avoid the waves and now to escape the bowlders, sometimes half full of water and as soon as a little could be thrown out it was replaced by double the quantity. Our heavy boat ran past the lead boat and we dashed on alone, whirling and rushing like the wind.

 — George Bradley, Powell Expedition, August 19, 1869

One hundred fifty years ago, Major John Wesley Powell and five other battered, half-starved mountain men floated out the foot of the Grand Canyon. Powell brought the first detailed descriptions of the canyons of the Colorado River to the public, having descended the entirety of the river in wooden boats. He was lucky to have survived.

Running rapids...

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Photograph by Rudi Petschek

History, Nature & Culture


On a bright afternoon in May 1972, Mrs. Molera led some of her Nogales third-grade students on a walk from A.J. Mitchell Elementary School up the hill to a new art gallery....

Hilltop Gallery in Nogales, black and white photo courtesy of Hilltop Gallery


Vermilion flycatchers (Pyrocephalus obscurus) are indisputably adorable. That said, they’re also members of the tyrant flycatcher family, which is perhaps a bit comical — but...

Photograph by John Sherman


When the wind stirs the cottonwoods in Havasu Canyon, it sounds as though it’s come off the ocean. Impossible, considering that it’s 543 miles to the Pacific. The wind...

Photograph by Dawn Kish


There’s something special about summer in Yuma. And it’s more than just the sunshine–308 days of rays annually, to be...

Globe is the place to escape to for delightful weekend and forget about the hustle and heat. Visit on a “First Friday”...

There are countless adventures in store for you when you visit Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona. If you think Arizona is all...

As Arizona's long-term drought continues, wildlife across the state will rely on more than 1 million gallons of water...